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One of the most mysterious changes after the fall of the Dread Star was the diffusion of the Lotus. It is a strange plant with flowers of intense colors: red, white, purple and many other. The Lotus appeared all over the continent in several different forms. In the Caledlands the Green Lotus grows, like mistletoe, on the branches of ancient oaks. In the Ivory Savannah, flowers of Gray Lotus blossom from the top of tall weeds. In the Brown Sea, the Purple Lotus closely resembles water lily. Whatever its form is, the Lotus has great magical powers, but it is also very dangerous.

If eaten fresh, it is toxic and might lead to death but, if processed and mixed with other ingredients, it can create fantastic essences, poisons, and so on. Each type of Lotus has a different effect depending on the color of the plant and the ingredients it is mixed with. Lotus masters are an exclusive sect of alchemists specializing in the study of this remarkable plant. Their recipes are handed down from a master to a disciple in the utmost secrecy and Lotus masters are ready to kill to learn the recipe of a rival sect member. The greatest Lotus masters are the Alchemists of the Free City of Gis.

The Price of Blood

Though the Borderlands are divided and ruled by different laws, one rule is applied everywhere: if a man volunteers to defend one of the forts and serves for at least five years, he is rewarded with a piece of land in his Borderland and receives an additional plot for every extra five years. This rule is called The Price of Blood and it is only fair compensation for what the soldiers must endure defending their land. However, it is also a way to lure colonists from the south. In the Borderlands, capable men can carve out a future for themselves.

Khav Addiction

Khav addiction is a Major Habit. In addition to the standard addiction rules, Khav has the following effects: it causes –2 to all Spirit and Smarts based rolls and eliminates the sense of fatigue. A Khav addict does not receive penalty for Fatigue, but he actually feels it. It is not unusual for slaves addicted to Khav to work to death. The price of Khav varies depending on its purity: a dose may cost from half a Moon to twenty Moons. It is common throughout the Dread Sea Dominions, especially in slave-based nations.

Assassins Guild of Jalizar

Today, the Guild is extremely secretive and contacting an assassin, a true member of the guild, isn’t easy.

Thieves Guilds of Jalizar

The Thieves’ Guild is an old, powerful guild which also rules over two minor guilds, the Beggars’ Guild and the Courtesans’ Guild.

Jan Tong of Jalizar

The Jan Tong is a criminal organization that includes various Jademen gangs. With the excuse of protecting their own people, they control the district of Brass Lanterns and the nearby areas.

The Copper Helms

The City Watch of Jalizar has always been neutral in political matters, even during the Widowers’ War and the dark years under King Shade. The Copper Helms simply guard the gates and walls, maintain order in the streets, and collect fees.

Of course, this doesn’t mean they are honest. The Copper Helms make their living by collecting bribes from merchants, smugglers, and criminals, and they are more than ready to turn a blind eye when necessary.

Iron Phalanx

It is not a secret that the once mighty Iron Phalanxes, the military divisions that made it possible to create the Empire, are now a mere shadow of their former self. Reduced to small numbers and mostly holding defensive positions, their training isn’t as tough as it used to be and their ranks are full of foreign barbarians, who no longer know what it means to fight for the eternal glory of the Empire. Nevertheless, they are still a force to be respected and feared. Today, a typical Phalanx includes 300-600 Hoplites.


The standard infantryman of the Iron Phalanx. Protected by heavy armor and a full body shield, he moves at a slow pace on the battlefield. He lacks speed but is certainly lethal.


The Valk hold women in very low esteem, except the Valkyrie. These blonde warrior priestesses are the leading force of a Valk horde. The strength of their visions and their incredible powers make even the strongest warriors tremble.

Things of Interest

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