Savage Worlds Magic

The magic of Beasts and Barbarians isn’t of the high fantasy type. In the Dread Sea Dominions you won’t find wizards throwing fireballs or turning into dragons. Magic tends to be more subtle, and usually dark, but by no means less powerful.

The three classes of magic are:


Arcane Skill: Lotusmastery (Smarts)
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 3

The Pharmacologia Segreta, the traditional book of Lotus recipes studied by every Lotus master, states the names of concoctions according to the standard convention: “Color Lotus of Something”, e.g. Orange Lotus of the Phoenix, Violet Lotus of the Wailing Widow, and so on. This is the common way to define Lotus potions, but several outstanding Lotus masters deliberately give non-standard names to their elixirs to leave their mark. So there might be potions called Giscamon’s Vendetta or Food for the Orphans.


Arcane Skill: Sorcery (Smarts)
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 2

Sorcery powers, usually spells or incantations of some sort, tend to be quite different from one another, depending on the source of the magic. A Tricarnian demon evoker’s bolt, for example, is quite different from the bolt of a Ivory Savannah Tribe dancer witch. For this reason, trappings are very important in defining sorcery spells.

Always consider the basic rule of sorcery: the evil entities that grant their power to the warlock ask for something backing return (adoration, pain, entertainment or sacrifices) and their gifts always have a hidden cost.

Path of Enlightenment

Arcane Skill: Enlightenment (Spirit)
Starting Power Points: 15
Starting Powers: 1

The followers of the Path of Enlightenment usually gain powers consisting of incredible martial art techniques and amazing feats of the mind, achieved through endless hours of concentration and careful training.

Some new/modified Powers:

  • Summon Ally
  • Analyze Foe
  • Draining Touch
  • Legerdemain
  • Poison

Beasts and Barbarians is a setting that leans heavily on swordplay. Magic is powerful and feared, and must cause wonder when used. For this reason, each party should include no more than a single hero with the Arcane Background.

Heroes can certainly be mages, but they are practitioners, not real masters. This is why the New Power Edge is limited and can be taken only once per Rank.

Savage Worlds Magic

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