Savage Worlds Gear

The common currency of the Dread Sea Dominions is the Syranthian Moon. A Moon is equal to $1, so you can pick items from the Savage Worlds core rules without any need to do mathematical conversions.

Monk Weapon. This type of weapon is traditionally used by monks, characters with the Monk Edge who receive a particular ability when using them (see the Monk Edge on page 71 for details). For non Monk characters they have no other ability. They are readily available only in Lhoban, while in other lands they are Rare.

Rare. A rare item isn’t available unless the hero makes a Streetwise (–2) roll. As a rule of thumb, each hero can try to locate a single rare item between a scenario and the next. The roll can be cooperative.

At character creation, a rare item is not available unless approved by the GM.

Quality of Material

In the Dread Sea Dominions the science of metallurgy is still in its infancy and many cultures use primitive materials to build weapons and other tools.

The most common materials, in descending order of hardness, are: steel (see below), iron, bronze, stone, bone, wood.

Iron weapons and armor are common only in the Iron Empire (Faberterra, Syranthia and Zandor). In the other lands they are Rare and cost double.

Bronze is common in the most of the Dominions. Only in the Caledlands, Lush Jungle, and Ivory Savannah it is Rare and cost double.

The Magic of Steel

Steel, in truth high-carbon iron, is the magical metal of Beasts and Barbarians. Steel was produced in small quantities at the height of the Empire by the priest smiths of Hulian, but the technique to smelt it is lost today, especially because very few forges can achieve the necessary temperatures. So, steel objects are prized relics and treasures.

A weapon made of steel has AP 2, while armor gains +1 Armor and weighs 25% less. They are almost priceless but, as a general guide, steel weapons and armor cost from ten to twenty times their standard cost, provided that the hero can find some for sale.

Savage Worlds Gear

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