Savage World Rules



The following are the most useful areas of knowledge Skills in this setting.

  • Arcana. It covers the vast field of magic, the occult and the supernatural.
  • Battle. Useful for mass combats.
  • History. It covers the knowledge of the past.
  • Legends and Lore. From common folklore to knowledge of myths and fantastic creatures and places.
  • Religion. It covers all the religious matters. In some cases, it can also be used, with a penalty, to cover Arcana, Legends and Lore matters.
  • Specific Area. Its focus can be the Empire, North Dominions, South Dominions, Eastern Lands, or a specific city or country.

This skill is used to drive chariots, carts, and other similar vehicles.


Beside its other uses, Stealth is used to deliver venom while going unnoticed. Pouring poison into a tankard while no one is looking, for example at a feast or in a crowded tavern, requires a Stealth roll. In case of failure, someone notices the attempt. In a one-to-one situation (like two people drinking together) or when someone is explicitly paying attention, delivering poison requires an opposed roll between the poisoners’s Stealth and the observer’s Notice.

Savage World Rules

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