Religious practices vary greatly across the Dominions and literally hundreds of cults exist, many of them on a local basis.

Before the Salkarian Reformation, the Empire was very open-minded on matters of religion. As long as a land or a city paid the taxes, it was free to worship whatever god it wanted.

People are superstitious, especially rural people. Various gods are worshiped and churches are powerful, but there’s no such thing as ‘Divine magic’. Some priests decide to learn sorcery though.

Imperial and many other civilized areas worship Divine Couple

In Tricarnia, Hordan, Mistress of Darkness is still worshiped by the Priest Princes and their minions

Some Iron priests still worship Hulian, Lord of Fire

Northlanders worship Lord of Thunder

Savannah tribes worship Etu , the Mother and Uletu , god of strength

Valk worship Sha Mekri, Demon god

Cairnlords worship Ancestors, the dead ones

Jademen follow Path of Enlightenment instead of worshiping gods.

In Jalizar the three most renowned gods are Yalg, Chamuga, and Ranikos Blindfolded.

Other gods are worshiped locally:

Agamotto, Chthon, Gaea, Hoggoth, Oshtur, Set, and Shuma-Gorath


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