NPC Classes

There are many types of villains and allies a Hero will encounter. Of course, this means they have different levels of “bad-assness.”

Wild Cards joker.gif

This is the same as a Player Character, so it is probably a big bad! Will have 3 Wounds levels, Bennies and Wild Die.
Wounds ■ ■ ■ Bennies ○ ○ ○ Wild Die


Henchmen are more resilient than an Extra and they have three Wounds levels, exactly as Wild Cards, but neither Wild Die nor Bennies. This could be some crack troops or elite guards.
Wounds ■ ■ ■

Right Hands

Conversely, Right Hands are more skilled and for this reason gain a Wild Die, but have a single Wound as Extras and no Bennies.
WoundsWild Die


These would be your run-of-the-mill bad guy minions, city guards, drunks at the Inn, the monsters inside that cave, etc. Essentially, these beings have 1 Wound.


Chumps are another new type of character for Savage Worlds. They are the level below Extras. Chumps are the faceless cannon-fodder who get thrown at the heroes in combat. The villain will throw these at the heroes in an effort to slow their progress, with the off chance that one or more Chumps might get lucky and do some damage.

Chumps are just like Extras, but with the following special rules:

  • Every Trait is average (d6).
  • They only possess four skills, and each skill is rated at d6.
  • They have no edges and no hindrances.
  • Chumps are never Shaken. If you equal or exceed their Toughness, they’re out of the fight.


They can play a big part in a campaign. They serve as troops under your hero’s command, loyal retainers, or fellow fighters in your mercenary band. Allies are always under the control of the Players. Otherwise, they are just an important NPC.
Wounds ■ ■ ■

NPC Classes

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