New Hindrances

Not quite as long a list as the New Edges. These will hopefully add more flavor and fun to the Hindrances!

1. Carouser

The hero usually puts himself in danger while relaxing and feasting. Whenever he decides to draw a card for the After the Adventure Events, he draws two cards and the Game Master chooses which of the two is to be considered (usually the worst).

2. Damsel in Distress

The world of Beasts and Barbarians isn’t inhabited only by muscular warriors, witty rogues, or powerful sorcerers. It is also a world of beautiful women who, sometimes, put themselves in danger and are hopefully saved from such perils by valiant heroes.

A Damsel in Distress is one of these unfortunate women. She is totally unable to defend herself, so she has -2 to Fighting, Fear rolls and to resisting Test of Wills. She appears very vulnerable and this makes her a favorite target for slave hunters, evil magicians and other bad guys, who have in mind a “fate worse than death” for her. Hungry monsters might also attack her to satiate their craving for human flesh.

Conversely, neutral or good characters like her and feel protective toward her tender body. For these reasons, she gains +2 to Charisma and receives an additional Bennie. This Bennie can be used as normal or, once per session, she can freely give it to a friend (as for the Common Bond Edge).

A Damsel in Distress can learn how to cope with the harshness of the world. Every time she gets an advancement she is allowed a Spirit (–4) roll. In case of success, she loses one of the three penalties above. Once all the penalties are removed, she loses the additional Bennie and the possibility to share it but retains her Charisma bonus.

Damsels in Distress are generally females, but nothing prevents a male from taking this Hindrance, except for the constant mockery by his companions.

3. Fear of Magic

Magic is always mistrusted in the Dread Sea Dominions, but the hero is a particular case: he truly dreads it. He tries in every way to avoid the supernatural and even friendly magic. In case of the Major Hindrance, his revulsion also prevents him from using magical objects, Lotus potions included. Whenever forced to face or use magic, the character must make a Fear roll.

4. Irascible

The hero cannot stand insults of any kind and is ready to react to them. Besides effects on role playing, he also suffers -2 resisting Taunts or Smarts based Tricks. As partial compensation, a hero with the Berserk Edge can apply a -1 to the Smarts roll to go into the berserk state.

5. One Hand

This character is missing a hand, but the other now counts as his primary. He suffers a -4 to any action requiring only the missing hand and a -2 to actions using both hands. The character may purchase a socket for the arm for 5 rilks which can attach a small tool such as a dagger or hook (all do Str+d4 damage), reducing the penalty to -2 for fine actions with the handless arm and -1 for actions requiring both hands. Actions not requiring fine manipulation, such as making a Fighting attack with the attached weapon, suffer no penalty.

6. Persistent Injury

An old injury that never quite healed or other chronic condition sometimes comes back to haunt the character. This could be an old sports injury, arthritis, a bullet that was never dislodged, etc. Whenever the character rolls a natural 1 using his/her Strength or Agility attributes, s/he is automatically shaken.

7. Sharp-Tongued

Certain people are born to provoke. You are sarcastic, sharp-tongued and, even in combat, you waste time babbling something clever about your opponent’s personal hygiene or his mother’s profession. A Sharp-Tongued hero must spend his first action in any combat on a Taunt Test of Will. He can perform other actions in the round, with the normal multi-action penalty. He can also avoid this restriction by spending a Bennie.

In addition, his somewhat unnerving attitude conditions his social abilities: he cannot raise his Persuasion skill over d8.

As minor compensation, a Sharp-Tongued hero gains +1 to Taunt rolls.

New Hindrances

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