90% of the world is Illiterate, and they are okay with that. To be able to read, a character must take the Literate Edge. Literacy is most common among Syranthians, Tricarnian nobles, Caldeians, Faberterrans, Kyrosians and Lhoban monks.

Alchemists’ Code

The Alchemists of Gis developed this strange language, in truth more of a secret code then a real mother tongue, to protect the secrecy of their discoveries and potions. The Code is taught only to initiates and requires a certain mathematical ability and decryption skills to understand it. So, only characters with Smarts d8 or more can learn this language. It exists only in written form.

Barbarian Languages

The Northeim people, the Caleds and the Cairnlords speak three different languages (Northern, Caled, and Cairn Tongue). Out of these three, only the Cairn Tongue is written using a runic alphabet.

Ivory Savannah Tribes Languages

The Ivory Savannah Tribes speak an impressive number of different dialects that are all quite similar. In gaming terms only one language is considered: the Savannah’s Tongue. In certain parts of the Verdant Belt the most advanced tribes speak a bastardized form of Caldeian called Slavers’ Tongue, used mainly for contacts with Caldeian slavers. Both languages lack a written form.

Imperial Syranthian

Imperial Syranthian, or simply Imperial, is a simple and rather regular alphabetic language, originally from Syranthia. Every playing character can speak it, and, depending on her background, might be also able to write it.

Tricarnian and Ancient Keronian

Tricarnias and Caldeians are the descendants of the ancient Keronian Empire. They speak a common version of the language in the daily life ( Tricarnian ) but use a ceremonial, ancient language during religious rites and in sorcery ( Ancient Keronian ). These are considered two different languages.

Lhoban Secrets

The Jademen speak a Mountain Dialect, but the secrets of the are lengths of ropes, with particular knots. Looking at the size of the knots, their distance from each other, and other parameters, the monks can read and communicate their Secrets.


The Pygmies speak their own tongue. It is very difficult to learn this language, due to the strong isolation of these diminutive people.


The Valk speak a very weird, totally unique language, Valk. Its peculiarity might be due to the very different origins of the steppe nomads, but there is a theory among the Syranthian sages according to which Valk isn’t a human language. A creepy fact supports this theory: the demons speak Valk. No one knows whether a written form of this language exists.


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