Gameplay Rules

Extreme Actions

The Dread Sea Dominions are a place where heroes die with a sword in the hand and a curse on their mouth. This setting use Blood and Guts, Born a Hero and Joker`s Wild rules from Savage Worlds Deluxe.

When a hero is Incapacitated, do the usual Vigor roll and apply the results as normal, then the player can choose one of following options.

Given the power of these options each player can use this option only once per session.

  • Avenge me, my friend(s)! The hero can distribute all his Bennie (minimum one) to his allies within his command radius (usually 5”).
  • Last Breath. Even if the hero should be dead, the sheer force of his will allows him to act as normal for another round, ignoring all the wound penalties. At the end of that round he automatically passes out, as for failing on the Vigor roll on the Incapacitation table, or dies (if the previous roll indicated such a destiny).
  • The Curse of a Dying Man. The hero can throw a terrible curse to his opponent before going down. Unless the GM states differently, it is a lower trait spell, cast using the Spirit score of the incapacitated hero as Arcane Skill. If the hero is actually dying, he receives +4 to the Spirit roll, and the curse is permanent. Each hero can only use this option once each rank.

Heroic Incapacitation

Heroes of sword and sorcery are rarely maimed and are usually back on their feet really fast. So, for a more pulpish game, apply the following modification to the incapacitation rules. What follow is only meant for Wild Cards.

  • Injuries are never permanent. Broken bones are back in shape when all the Wounds are healed. The only exception is that a player can willingly accept a permanent injury. In this case, as a compensation he gains a free Edge at the start of the new adventure, if he justifies it storywise.
  • Faster Natural Healing. Cut all the natural healing times by half. So a hero does a natural healing roll after two days. If you apply this rule, remember to apply it also to related Edges: so a character with Ghoulblood (natural healing after two days) if this rule is applied rolls every day.

Joker’s Wild

When a player character draws a Joker during combat, he receives his normal +2 bonus to Trait and Damage rolls. In addition, all player characters receive a Benny!


Life is good! What magic weapons?

The world of Beast and Barbarians isn’t of the high magic type, so true magical relics should be rare and precious.

What wealth? Savings…

Gained riches are spent on wine, women or whatever the characters enjoy. Sword and Sorcery heroes usually find enormous riches in their adventures — and lose them just as fast. At the start of their next adventure they are often almost penniless and desperate enough to embark on another mission.

To simulate this cliché, after replenishing their basic equipment (repairing armor or stocking up on arrows — note that buying a lost weapon is free), the characters are supposed to spend all the money on booze, courtesans or other recreational activities suited to their background (even books for learned characters!).

They only keep a small sum for emergencies and for purchasing new equipment, i.e. their Savings. The Savings are usually 100 Moons multiplied by the hero’s Rank, or whatever they earned during the adventure, whichever is less.

After Adventure Events

Willing characters get an after-adventure card that reflects the time spent carousing – it usually has positive or negative effects for next session or adventure. After calculating her Savings but before making any purchases, each player can draw a card from the Action Deck to check how she has passed her time after the last adventure, by consulting the After the Adventure Events Table.

Note that drawing a card is purely optional and the player is free to decide whether to draw it or not, since it might bring some useful advantage or some unwanted misfortune.

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Gameplay Rules

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