Ivory Savannah Tribes

Black southern populations, from nomads to farmers and cannibals. Most are strong and average-sized, women being very beautiful and favoured by Caldeian slavers. Tribes often fight each other.


They are a primitive people living in the Caledland. They don’t know metalworking, but among them there are very dangerous sorcerers, called druids. They rarely leave their woodlands and, when this happens, it is usually bad news, since they are waging war against someone.

Despite their poor technology, they are feared by all the civilized races thanks to the amazing feats of their naked spearmen and the great supernatural powers of their druids.

Cairn Lords

Tall and muscular, grayish skin and black or gray hair. They believe that the difference between life and death isn’t that big and that the spirits of the Ancestors speak, lead and protect them. They use clothes, weapons and other items salvaged from cairns.

Cairnlander clans are ruled by chiefs or kings and live off hunting, herding, primitive agriculture and pillaging.


The Imperials are the broadest and, therefore, most difficult civilization to define within the Dread Sea Dominions. The name applies to all the civilized populations once under the rule of the Iron Empire.

Byzantine/Late roman -like culture. Generally sophisticated and civilized but shun other races, many are fat, arrogant & hedonistic.

Emperor rules Faberterra and is still namely ruler of Syranthia and some other provinces.


Tibetian/Chinese -like culture who believe in reincarnation and consider supernatural things generally evil.

Monks travel the land and ensure that their leader’s, Enlightened One’s, will is carried out. Jademen communities are found in Ekum, Kyros and Gis.


Large, tough, proud, stubborn and bold, magic-fearing and loathing people who live in clans. They wear furs and wool, men walking often around bare-chested. Northern men often have beards. They wear their hair long, married women having it plaited.


The Pygmies are very short people of the Lush Jungles. They are primitive, and very skilled in the use of blowpipes and poisons. They worship cruel gods that periodically ask for the bloody sacrifices of human victims usually chosen from among non-Pygmy invaders.


Tricarnia is inhabited by two different races: the High Tricarnians — who are nobles, priests, top military personnel, merchants, and so on — and slaves , who form the bulk of the nation.

Cruel, arrogant and sorcerous nobles, priests, generals and merchants control slaves of mixed origin, divided into three castes, forming majority of the nation. They are tall and slender, with pale or black hairless complexion. Noble families and their princes control Principalities and are fighting and scheming against each other.


Valk clans, led by warlords and the Valkyrie, live by herding and worship demons. They dress in leather and are incredibly skilled on their ponies. Valk are short and have dark hair, but their Valkyrie priestesses have white or blonde hair. The length of a warrior’s braid tells how powerful he is.


The natives here are of Imperial descent but over time, many have mixed with the conquering Valk. Of average height, they tend to have black or brown hair, hazel eyes and very fair complexion, which reddens very quickly when they quarrel or are out in the cold.


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