After the Adventure Events Table

Card / Effect

2: Ouch! The hero was arrested, imprisoned, robbed or something similar, but he managed to save his skin and escape. He loses all his money, including his Savings, and all his equipment except one item per Rank. As partial compensation, he is very enraged now, and this gives him +1 to Soak rolls for the entire duration of the next adventure.

3: A Life of Excesses. The hero has had too much of booze, food, Lotus, courtesans or whatever pleasure he prefers. Reduce by half the hero’s Savings. If the card is red, the effect of all his partying is positive and the hero has +1 to Toughness for the next adventure. If the card is black, all the carousing has given him a bad headache or another similar consequence, and he starts the new adventure Fatigued. This fatigue lasts for the entire first session after this event.

4-6: Carousing. The hero has indulged in the usual adventurer’s things: drinking a lot, meeting courtesans, and so on, But, besides wasting money, nothing particular has happened to him.

7: So Booored! The hero hates being idle. She has become so bored that she has taken up a distraction of some type. If the drawn card is red, the distraction is positive and constructive, like training, and she gains a temporary Edge of her choice, respecting all the requirements. If the card is black, she has acquired a bad habit or gotten into trouble. She gains an additional Minor Hindrance. Alternatively, she can take a Major Hindrance, gaining an extra Bennie as compensation. Both the Edge and the Hindrance last till the end of the next adventure.

8: Enemy/Friend. The character has done something that has earned him the friendship or hate of someone. If the card drawn is red, the hero has acquired a new friend. He gains the Connections Edge, limited to three uses. If the card is black, he has displeased someone and suffers the Enemy Hindrance, in the Minor version, for the next adventure.

9: Item. The character has managed to put her hands on a valuable object or, alternatively, lost a precious possession. If the card drawn is red, she acquires a single mundane item (taken from the Gear section) that can cost no more than twice her current Savings. It can be a Rare item. Note that she acquires it without spending any money. If the card is black, the hero has lost the most valuable item in her possession, with the exclusion of Valuable Possessions (see the Joker entry) and Trademark Weapons. Recovering them might be the aim of an adventure.

10: I Am Rich! Strangely the hero has managed not only to keep his saving but also to increase them. Maybe he has had a stroke of luck at the gambling table or wisely decided to invest them in some lucrative business. Whatever the reason, the hero immediately doubles his total Savings!

Jack: Blessed/Cursed. The hero has, willingly or unwillingly, done something that has displeased or appeased the supernatural powers. Alternatively, he has received a particularly good or bad omen. Whatever the way, this affects his destiny. If the card drawn is red, the effect is positive and the character gains the Luck Edge for the next adventure. If it is black, a malevolent curse of some type lingers on him and he suffers the Bad Luck Hindrance for the following adventure or until he manages to lift it during the game.

Queen: Fame. Thanks to his heroic feats during the last adventure or in the downtime, the hero has acquired a certain reputation. If the card drawn is red, his reputation is positive, granting him +2 Charisma. If the card is black, his reputation is negative and he suffers –2 to Charisma. The modifier lasts for the entire duration of the upcoming scenario.

King: “I have heard of you.” A follower joins the hero. It may be a slave the hero has freed, an old friend or relative or even an animal companion. It is an Extra and its stats are decided by the Game Master. When this card is dealt, the Game Master draws another card and doesn’t show it to the players. If it is red, the follower is truly loyal to the character; if it is black he has a hidden agenda or brings some danger with him. To avoid having too many followers, if this card is dealt when another follower is already in the group, the player who draws it can choose to use it to promote a current follower to Henchman status or to give him a free advancement.

Ace: Taken a Break. The hero has temporarily quit the adventuring life. He might have married, gone through a religious crisis, or simply decided to get another, more stable job for a while. But adventure runs in his blood and so, in the end, he comes back to action in the incoming scenario. He gains a free d4 in one skill of his choice or can raise one of his skills by one step, up to d6, to represent the experience he has gathered in his sabbatical period. But, on the flipside, his adventuring skills are quite rusty. The GM picks up to one skill per Rank of the hero and marks it with a dot on the character sheet. Until the player spends a Bennie on a roll on that skill, he doesn’t have the Wild Die on it.

Joker: A Worthy Possession. The hero has invested all her money (so his Savings drop to zero) in an exceptional product. Depending on the character’s Rank and background, it can be a weapon, a set of clothes, a horse, a ship, a laboratory or even a minor magical relic, decided by the Game Master. She is totally enamored of it and persuaded of its goodness. The object is actually good and bestows +2 to one of the following: an attribute roll, a skill roll, Damage, Armor, Pace or Charisma. Alternatively, it grants +1 to Toughness or Parry, or a free Edge!

After the Adventure Events Table

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