Height: 6’ 3"
Weight: 230 lbs
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Brown
Culture: Ivory Savannah Tribes


He was born to a drunkard but fierce warrior of the Plains, a guard to the chief of the Tribe of the White Buffalo and self-important man. Bragg learned early on about the touch of a fist. Life continued in this way until his 12th year when his clan was wiped out; only remembering another Dark Figure and the sight of a Rhino horn resting on an Eagle Talon chest scar.

Waking on the slave markets of the Valk and sold as a kitchen slave to Cho Bala a wealthy “procurement” agent. This job lasted a total of two days till he Broke the head chef’s nose, then the leg of the stable master at his next post, and the hands of the Head landscaper. Beatings didn’t help. Exasperated and wanting to earn some compensation Bragg was sent to the pits to die for entertainment. Guaranteeing the brawny but foolish youth would lose, Bragg pulled off a colossal upset by beating the favorite fighters in the ring.

Ultimately this cost his master his life and him his freedom as he was once again captured and sold. This time he was billed into two-man matches much the same as before. A young fool and a fat merchant meant only to die. Bragg carried them both to victory with his muscles and the keen eyes of his partner Habib.

This would have continued for years had not the slavers decided to waylay a small band of travelers. Their mistake was attacking the Order of Thorn. Freed and with a choice of either joining the Order or striking out alone. They decided to join the company. That was 5 years ago. Life was good until that night……


By the Blade! LordMisha