Beasts and Barbarians

By Gramel Games

The world described in this setting is called the Dread Sea Dominions, by the name of the massive body of water at its center, where the most important modern civilization, the Iron Empire, has flourished and now is slowly, but unstoppably, decaying under the pressure of its own size and of the barbarians pushing on its borders.

This is an age in which a brave warrior with sword can carve a name in history.


This is essentially a Savage Worlds setting inspired by Conan and the like. It is a purchased setting, I did not make this up :) I might have added a few extra Hindrances and Edges, however.

I think it is pretty cool out-of-the-box. It is “dark” but not too “gritty”, just Heroes being bad-asses as they travel about killing bad guys, toppling kingdoms, saving damsels in distress, spending their hard-earned money in debauched sessions at the Inn and/or brothel, and so on.

By the Blade!

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