By the Blade!

Meet the Squad
Some lived...
  1. Habib (quartermaster) – obviously of Imperial background, a merchant.
  2. Bragg (soldier) – ex-gladiator and bodyguard to Habib. From the Ivory Savannah lands.
  3. Brogan Wulfgar (soldier) – Northlander barbarian; the meat-shield
  4. Akhun (soldier)
  5. Fassir (soldier)
  6. Gar Kebb (scout)
  7. Ghost Whisperer (sorcerer) – Cairnlander sorceress; also called Marique
  8. Rachel Raburn (support) – Imperial Sage and Treasure Hunter
It begins...

Everyone has a secret.

Everyone has a goal.

It is a tumultuous world with kingdoms fighting, countries invading, warlords rising to power, warlords killed, evil sorcerers, damsels in distress, treasure to be had, treasure to be spent, and even whoring through the night.

Order_of_Thorn.jpg For the characters it has been one year, one year since they joined the Order of Thorn, a mercenary band led by Augustus Blackthorne; a leader who inspires loyalty and greatness among his companions. Each was tattooed with the symbol of the Order as well as given an iron copy to be worn as a necklace.

You were assigned to the same squad, and have been loyal comrades ever since.

It started with putting down some rebellions in the Independent Cities. There seems to always be employment and trouble there for someone who can wield a sword.

Slowly the band worked its way up north. There was trouble around Syranthia and the surrounding territories. The goal was to make it north to the Borderlands, seek long employment there. Perhaps the men could take the Price of Blood and finally earn a place to settle down. That was the plan anyways.

But the Order of Thorn had grown more successful, and earned quite a reputation. And some were jealous and afraid of their power. Near the Drowned King Sea, on the way to Gis, the Order was betrayed and led into an ambush. A force made up of many enemies and lead by the rogue Tricarnian Prince Khotan. It is a brutal fight and the Order of Thorn fights hard and may have escaped had the unknown betrayer not lead a small force within the camp and captured Blackthorne.

Their leader in chains, the Order had no choice but to surrender. Balckthorne was taken away and hidden deep in a secret dungeon. He was not to be killed, not to be made a martyr. As long as he was held captive, the Order could be contained.

Several squads, including yours, managed to fight their way to freedom. Many swore vengeance; others swore to find and free Blackthorne and rebuild the Order. The eight in your squad fled to Jalizar, City of Thieves, where we find you now.

Game Stuff:

  • I need a copy of your character (HeroLab file)
  • Based on the background chosen, a little back story that doesn’t have to be long. Could just be a city where your from and a little about your family. This will also aid in Common Knowledge rolls. Plus, any bad things from your past work as good Plot points in the future.
  • A secret about your character only he knows (used to be a man, has a relative who is the 3rd evilest sorcerer in the land, shot a man in Kyros – just to watch him die, etc.) Just a hook I can hang a Plot Point on. Your secret can be as elaborate as you like.
  • A goal of your character (wants to open a little curio shop, wants to own his own Inn, wants to be King, wants seven children and three wives, etc.) The goals can change over time as they might get fulfilled or circumstances change.

Suggest a few ideas for fellow squad mates. Also, feel free to “create” a few people from the Order you might have associated with, admired, or didn’t trust. Perhaps you know who the traitor is!

I encourage you to make up names of NPCs or Contacts. Something like: “Oh, I know of a blacksmith <name> in Jalizar, what was his name again?” or “I knew a girl <name> here in Syranthia.” Or “Why, it’s old <name>, are you still with the Thieves Guild?”

Will there be stories to tell?
kind of...

As GM, I don’t intend to write up summaries of each adventure. I leave that up to the players. If they write an Adventure Summary, perhaps I will give out a bonus experience point to the author.

What I will write, on occasion, will just be flavor text. Or little stories that may, or may not, be relevant to the ongoing campaign. Perhaps it might be a clue, or setting up a possible future adventure, or it just may be a simple story.

Only time will tell.



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