Rachel Raburn

Amazonian Sage and Treasure Hunter


Height: 5’5"
Weight: 114 lb.
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Skin: Pale
Culture: Imperial/Amazonian


Rachel Raburn is the fifth daughter of Concha Raburn, Grand War Priestess of Ascaia. All of her sisters have taken prominent places in the ranks of their mother’s armies.

When she was of age, Rachel informed her mother she desired to explore the world and learn its secrets. She had little affinity for sword and combat, but could read and write, as well as calculate numbers almost as soon as she could walk. Much to Rachel’s surprise, her mother immediately gave her blessings, confessing in secret to her daughter that she regretted not seeking the world’s fortunes when she was younger. Emboldened by her mother’s support, she soon departed the island of Ascaia, seeking her own path to fortune and glory.

Rachel Raburn

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