of the smooth tongue


Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 235 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Pale
Culture: Imperial


He was the son to a local whore. He was not strong or cut the grand figure of his real father, so was abandoned with his mother to the fates of the world. What his father didn’t see was a clever mind and skilled tactician. He was taught the art of sword and pen in the service to a small town magistrate who his mother later married. Habib was taught of his real father and half-brother, of the lands, of how trade worked, and a sense of justice in a ruthless world. Upon his naming day Leonis took the name Habib and set out to find his brother and learn the ways of the world.

Traveling from land to land and market city to market city the world opened up for him. The indignities and the triumphs .Ultimately power showed itself to be the best way to realize his dream; power and strong family and friends.

Captured by slavers and teamed with a young Savannahs man, Habib spent the next two years fighting beside him at impossible odds. Plotting an escape that never came due to the slavers errant ways, Habib was freed by the intervention of The Order of Thorn. Habib convinced Bragg to follow him and together they joined the Order. Proud of the man he was following Habib never worked up the courage to tell Augustus who he was or if the other even knew he existed. After that night it may never happen.


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