Ghost Whisperer

Cairnlander Sorceress; aka Marique


Height: 5’ 3"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair: Red-Brown
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Grey
Culture: Cairnlander


From an early age, Ghost Whisperer knew she was different. Her connection to the ancestors was greater than any of the past. This made her respected and feared…

But it was the visions granted by the ancestors that troubled her. For if they were true, she would have to leave her homeland and enter the bigger world beyond her home.

Most visions are vague; open to interpretation, but the themes were the same: The Thorn, a huge warrior of black hair, a graveyard of giant bones, and vile sorcery. She had to find this giant, protect him, and help him find his destiny.

She would find him in the City of Thieves. So after a long, hard journey she found herself at the gates of this legendary city. A city unlike anything she had ever seen before.

Earning the giant’s trust proved another matter. He was not fond of magic and trusted none who wielded its power. But Marique, the name she had taken within the city, persisted, begrudgingly earning some respect from the mighty warrior.

She followed him and his female companion into the Order of Thorn. For Marique had recognized this stage of the journey as another part of the visions. She kept apart from the rest of the squad; many found her strange and creepy. But she had earned their respect in battle so was looked upon favorably as a brother-in-arms.

After the fall of Thorn, she followed her companions back to Jalizar. The next part of the visions waiting to be revealed…

Ghost Whisperer

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