Fassir Artorius Calidus

Zandorian mercenary


Revan04.png Height: 6’
Weight: 189 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey
Skin: Tanned
Culture: Zandorian


Born a Zandorian, he has that mix of Imperial and a hint of Valk about him. He claims to be from a big family, talks often of his many brothers, occasionally of some sisters, but never seems to specify where exactly they can be found.

A dastardly rogue who loves women and gambling in equal amounts. This attractive scoundrel has a way with the woman, and has been known to talk his way out of many potentially dicey situations. Understand most of these situations were his fault to begin with.

He is fast with a blade and fast with his tongue. He will hurl insults and taunts to his opponents, hoping to rattle them before blades even cross. Sometimes trouble starts because he shoots his mouth off sitting around an inn.

And money? He loves money (who doesn’t?) but it slips through his fingers like water. As fast as he acquires it is gone even faster. Whores, booze, gambling and just misplacing a few gems is a common theme for Fassir. As a result, he is always ready for the next job.

He is a man of his word, mostly. He joined the Order of Thorn on a dare but quickly came to enjoy the comradery, the fighting, and the even better steady paycheck. A hint of honour was awoken as a member of the Order. The final battle was hard on all of the men, but as Fassir escaped with his squad, a part of him seemed to die inside.

Fassir Artorius Calidus

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