Brogan Wulfgar

Northlander Barbarian; the Meat-Shield


Height: 7’ 2"
Weight: 225 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Tanned
Culture: Northlander


Brogan Wulfgar came from a huge Northland family. As a youth he remembers several fathers, but was never quite clear on their names. Didn’t really matter; there was always food in the home and conflict in the village. His mother didn’t remember his name most of the time anyways.

One particularly warm summer, maybe around his sixteenth birthday (doesn’t really matter, he never learned to count) he packed up his belongings and wandered South. All he owned was a sword his real father had given him when he was a kid and a shield one of his other fathers gave him after a raid into the Cairnlands.

Due to his immense stature, Wulfgar never has any trouble getting work when he needs coin for food, drink or women. In the years prior to joining the Order of the Thorn, he mostly made his home in Jalizar. Although he never joined any particular guild, he was frequently hired by many of the guilds for his superior meat-shield skills.

There are many women in Jalizar that Wulfgar knows, but only one gets his coin, Celestia. He has no illusions as to the nature of their relationship, but when the coins flow, she is his and his alone. It is through her that Wulfgar met the tiny amazon scribe Rachel. There is no romantic feelings there, but she is one of the few people he trusts and calls a friend.

Somehow the two of them wind up serving in The Order of Thorn (probably she wanted to and Celestia asked him to protect her). When things go bad for the order, it only seemed logical to head back to Jalizar.

Brogan Wulfgar

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